Another UFO sighting over Wakefield?

A UFO sighting has been reported in Wakefield after a mysterious set of orange lights appeared above the city.

The object was spotted on Saturday evening, above Thornes, and moved towards the city centre.

It was similar to a strange set of lights seen above west and south Leeds last week.

Express sports reporter Nick Rigg said he saw the bright orange lights at around 9pm.

He said: "I usually see a few planes going over to Leeds-Bradford airport but these were definitely not planes, they looked like flames in the sky.

"At first sight I thought they were the remains of fireworks but they must have stayed in the sky for a good five minutes and looked a lot, lot farther away.

"The first set disappeared and then three of four more followed shortly afterwards before disappearing a few minutes later."

Anyone who has pictures of the UFO can send them to or contact him on 01924 433013.