Jailed accountant banned from being company director until 2027

1st December 2011
Wakefield Magistrates court.
Pictured: Darren Upton.

1st December 2011 Wakefield Magistrates court. Pictured: Darren Upton.

A dodgy accountant who was jailed after he ripped off clients to fund his luxurious life style and mistress has now been disqualified by the Insolvency Service.

Darren John Upton, 41, was the former director of Upton & Co Accountants, which was based in Wood Street, in the city centre.

Upton was sentenced to a six year sentence last February after being convicted of 13 fraud offences.

Now he has been disqualified from being a company director until 2027 following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

Upton’s firm went into liquidation in October 2011 owing creditors and shareholders more than £1.7m.

The Insolvency Service found that Upton & Co had accepted more than £5m from investors that should have been invested in currency markets.

He also stole almost £200,000 from clients which should have been paid to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Married Upton, of Woodlesford, splashed the cash on a luxury flat and car for his secret lover, Victoria Louise Fraenzel, after he met her on an internet dating site while pretending to be single.

He also had a £10,000 box at Leeds United and bought designer gear, lingerie and a £3,000 model railway.

Ken Beasley, Official Receiver of the Insolvency Service’s Public Interest Unit, said: “Upton’s actions were dishonest and clearly show that he is unfit to be a director of a limited company.

“The disqualification serves as a protection to the public and demonstrates that the Insolvency Service will not hesitate to use it’s enforcement powers to remove dishonest directors from the business environment.”

During his original hearing at Leeds Crown Court, Upton also admitted contempt of court by refinancing his £80k plus Bentley and his wife’s £60k plus Maserati while subject to a restraint order.

Jailing him, Judge Sally Cahill QC said: “You are a thoroughly dishonestly man motivated by your own selfish greed.”


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