Doctor Who fan's Dalek goes down a storm in Stanley

YOUNGSTERS in Stanley will be scurrying behind the sofa - after a Dalek invaded the garden of a local Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who enthusiast Alan Clark has out done his own previous attempts at building the notorious sci-fi foe by producing a massive life-size version of the fiercest dalek around.

This is the third Dalek built by Mr Clark, 47, who lives in Stanley, and is also the most ambitious of all his back-garden creations.

Mr Clark, of Lake Lock Grove, said: "When I built the first Dalek I got really into watching Doctor Who and when the new series started I was very disappointed in the Red Supreme Dalek they decided use in the last episodes.

"It didn't have much about it and it was a bit of a let down to be honest."

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After discovering a sketch on the internet of the never before seen Dalek Storm that was designed in the 1980s by BBC artist Rocky Marshall, Mr Clark set about building his very own model.

Now the Dalek stands at an impression six-foot tall and even speaks with the help of a built-in synthesizer.

Mr Clark said: "I think my neighbours are used to seeing daleks in the back garden by now. I'm hoping that the BBC will take notice and maybe use it in the new series of Doctor Who."

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