School urged to improve in its first inspection as an academy

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A school has been urged to improve in its first Ofsted inspection report since becoming part of a Catholic academy trust.

St Ignatius Catholic Primary School, which became part of the Diocese of Leeds Catholic Multi-Academy Trust in November last year, was credited for its “caring and harmonious” community.

But teaching at the school was considered “inconsistent” and the report said pupils were not learning quickly enough.

It added: “As there have been several recent changes in leadership it has been difficult to establish a clear and precise long-term plan for improvement. This has slowed the pace of school improvement.”

The inspectors watched over 12 lessons and made several other short visits to lessons to observe teaching and learning.

They scrutinised pupils’ work, observed break times and listened to pupils read.

The school, on Storrs Hill Road, was urged to improve its teaching and make sure no time was wasted in lessons.

The report said: “In the weaker lessons, pupils do not always do as well as they should. Teachers do not check what pupils already know, understand and can do carefully enough. This means that learning activities are not matched well enough to individual pupil’s needs.

“Too often, pupils of differing abilities are given the same tasks to complete, which are too easy for many pupils; in such lessons, too much time is wasted between activities or while pupils sit and listen to the teacher explaining work they already know how to do.”

St Ignatius was rated grade three overall, which stands for ‘requiring improvement’.

But it was rated ‘good’ in the category of behaviour and safety.

The report said: “Relationships are positive throughout school. Adults treat pupils with a great deal of courtesy and respect and the pupils themselves also model this behaviour.

“The school is a tight-knit community where people genuinely show good levels of care for each other.”

The Diocese brought together 16 schools, including St Thomas a Becket Catholic College, in Sandal, and two schools in Selby and Goole, into a single academy trust.

St Ignatius will be inspected again within two years so that Ofsted can check on its progress.

The school’s was also judged grade three in its last inspection before it became an academy, which used to be labelled ‘satisfactory’ before changes to the grading system last year.