Fire officer's plea to parents

FIREFIGHTERS are asking parents to fit smoke alarms to protect their children and themselves.

Crews from Wakefield Fire Station are urging parents to talk to their children to make them aware of the risks posed by fire.

Watch manager Andy Dickinson, of Wakefield's Green Watch, said most blaze deaths could be avoided if smoke alarms were fitted and if children knew what to do when a fire started.

Mr Dickinson said: "Fitting a smoke alarm and testing it regularly is the single most important thing parents can do to protect their family. Smoke alarms provide an early warning about fire that can give crucial time to escape safely.

"Children deserve to be protected from fire and parents and carers can make a real difference by talking to children about what to do if a fire starts."

For a home fire safety check and a free smoke alarm, call the brigade on 0800 587 4536. For more information, visit