Helping Obama to victory

Antony Timlin joined the Obama campaign in America.

Antony Timlin joined the Obama campaign in America.

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IT was one of the most closely fought American presidential elections of modern times.

And a former Kettlethorpe High School student was there to see the historic moment Barack Obama was re-elected to the White House for another four years.

It was a dream come true for 27-year-old Antony Timlin who volunteered with the Obama campaign and even shook the president’s hand.

Now he hopes to bring his campaign messages of hope and change for future back to the UK.

Mr Timlin, said: “I went over a week before the election. The atmosphere was electric. I was fortunate enough to go to the Democrats’ victory part in Ohio on election day night as soon as you walked into the room it was amazing. It was a very special night.

“When Obama walks in a room you can see straight away why he is the president, he’s very charismatic.”

Mr Timlin has worked as a campaigner for the Labour Party and a speech-writer for a back bench MP.

He said: “One of Obama’s messages was ‘continue to be the change in the world you want to see’.

“I think people need to make their voices heard and contribute to the argument or how can anything change?

“And it doesn’t just apply to politics. If there is something people care about in their community they should get out there and volunteer their time.”

Although he has passion for politics, Mr Timlin, whose family still live in Crigglestone, doesn’t fancy challenging David Cameron for the top job at Downing Street just yet.

He said: “That isn’t for me. But I do certainly want to contribute to society. I want to make sure that the most disadvantaged people in society are protected and their voices are heard.”