A LAP dancer was subjected to a frightening attack by her Jekyll and Hyde lover after he became jealous of her job, a court heard.

James Citron, 22, turned violent after he became resentful of girlfriend Louise Caden, who only took up her exotic job so they could move house.

Miss Caden told the Wakefield Express this week how the couple's whirlwind holiday romance turned sour when they returned from the Greek island of Rhodes. They returned to Britain and lived together for six months in a shared house in Wakefield with five other men before Miss Caden began lap dancing so they could afford a love nest of their own.

However, things went wrong after a Valentine's Day tiff turned nasty the following day when Citron attacked his lover with a mirror.

Speaking after Citron pleaded guilty to common assault at Wakefield Magistrates' Court last week, Miss Caden said: "It was a holiday romance that got really serious really fast. We moved in together after a month but it went horribly wrong. But I did love him."

Miss Caden said she only took up the job at Citron's suggestion.

During the hearing, Miss Caden told the court how her job wasn't supposed to cause problems and stress but their Valentine's Day meal was soured by petty arguments and the day ended with him saying he was leaving her.

They argued again the next day but when Miss Caden tried to leave Citron, now of Wrenthorpe Lane, Wrenthorpe, told her she was going nowhere.

He smashed her mobile phone when she threatened to phone the police.

The court heard how she tried to run for the door but Citron pulled her back by her hair and started slapping her around the head.

She told prosecutor Tony Sykes: "I was trying to push him off because he was going a bit mad. That's when he took the mirror off the wall to the side of him."

The court was told he lifted the long mirror over his head and tried to crash it down on her.

Miss Caden said she managed to lift her arm up but it hit and cut her as she did so.

She said: "I was so petrified because I was thinking if that's deliberate what else could he do."

She broke down as she relived her ordeal in the witness box, adding: "I was scared out of my wits."

Miss Caden went into the spare bedroom but Citron followed her in and threw a silver clothes pole at her.

She said: "At this time I was in floods of tears. I was panicking, I was being hysterical. He just looked at me. He just went dead calm.

"I was on my knees saying please don't do this any more. He said, 'I don't want you to go'."

Miss Caden said: "He just went from this Jekyll and Hyde thing all the time."

He told her he was sorry and had gone too far but she begged Citron to go his mum's house.

The court heard Miss Caden, now of Middlesborough, suffered bruising on her body from scuffling, bruising to her wrist where she was held down, a piercing injury to her arm and a cut.

Citron was charged with assault and had to be tried in his absence after he failed to show up at court on Friday.

But he appeared just after Miss Caden had concluded her evidence and pleaded guilty to common assault.

Rob Casey, defending, asked magistrates to postpone sentencing until next month for a report. Citron, a man of previous good character was bailed until July 11.

Miss Caden, whose measurements are 34-25-34, is now pursuing a modelling career. She said she did not enjoy lap dancing and only did it so they could move out of their shared house.

She said: "I only did it for his benefit so we would be happy together. The only way to get the money was to do that job."

She urged victims of domestic violence to come forward and put an end to their misery.

"Women in domestic violence should stand up for themselves. No matter how hard it is. They should stand up because it is horrible. I feel for every woman who deals with it because it is more common than you think.

"I am just so pleased they have closed the book on this. It has been a really horrendous experience but one I'll learn by."