Letter - Far-right comments are ridiculous

I write in response to Graham Jesty defecting to UKIP (Express April 5) where councillor Janet Holmes said “I’m fuming that he’s joining UKIP though. He shouldn’t be doing it because it is one of the most far-right parties.”

Her comments are ridiculous!

Is Coun Holmes suggesting two thirds of voters who express a worry about large scale immigration to be dismissed as extremists? Is Ed Miliband after raising the issue last week? Are the hundreds of people who voted UKIP in Horbury & South Ossett far-right too?

UKIP are embedded to the democratic system. We want, smaller government, freedom from Europe and all its works. Unlike the Labour and Conservative party we do not accept former BNP or EDL members to join us because of their racist views.

For Coun Holmes to lump UKIP into the category marked ‘far-right’ is silly gesture politics and will simply make ‘extremism’ a meaningless catch-all.

Nathan Garbutt


UK Independence Party (UKIP)