Letter - Wakefield can prosper

I am delighted at the news of shopping success for the city, as half a million shoppers visited Trinity Walk. This big boost for the city is good news, and has been needed for a while as these times of high unemployment are difficult.

The Hepworth Gallery was also a good investment for Wakefield, as that too created many jobs for local people. Coun Peter Box opened the gallery and was right when he said we should pull together as it is the only way we will thrive.

I do hope within a few weeks time that the new proposed Wildcats stadium will be a similar success for Wakefield, by providing even more jobs for the unemployed and bringing people into the city. The stadium will be a super venue for all types of events including: sports educational and physical, conferences and exhibitions of new facilities.

Mr Cameron says he wants to get people back to work, so come on councillors put your mouth where your heart is and let Wakefield prosper.

John G K Wildie

Briar Grove