Campaingers protest against alleged police corruption in Wakefield city centre

Protest against alleged police corruption. George Street, Wakefield

Protest against alleged police corruption. George Street, Wakefield

A CARDBOARD coffin was carried through the city centre by campaingers protesting against alleged police corruption.

Dozens of demonstrators turned out for the march on Tuesday which was organised by a group known as the Justice Campaigners.

They met outside the office the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, on George Street.

After an hour, they moved on to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) office, in Woolpack’s Yard.

Felicity Stewart-Smith, joint-organiser of the demonstration, said: “Whilst the snow overnight and the biting cold and rain decimated the attendance, we were pleased with the event overall. “We are not at all anti-police, we are anti police corruption and this protest raised awareness of the dissatisfaction of a significant number of victims of the police complaints system and the IPCC.”

The Justice Campaigners are affiliated with another campaign group, the un-Professional Standards Department (UPSD).

It has made a number of allegations about corruption within West Yorkshire Police and the IPCC.

One of their supporters, Bernadette Major, also helped to organise the march. She believes her son, Danny Major, was wrongly jailed in 2006.

Mr Major, who served with West Yorkshire Police, was sentenced to 15 months after being convicted for assault.

In January, West Yorkshire Police Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson asked Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) to appoint another force to look into the case.

HMIC has since tasked Greater Manchester Police with carrying out an independent review of the original investigation after concerns were raised by the Major family.

Mrs Major said: “My husband was a police officer in and around Wakefield for 31 years and my son was a police officer who was wrongly jailed.”

“We extend warm thanks to Insp Richard Close and Insp Mick Westwood and their respective teams for courteous and professional marshalling of the protest.”


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