Former world boxing champ David Haye gives first weather pawcast for dogs- “it won’t be raining cats and dogs this weekend”

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Chihuahua owning former boxing world champ David Haye has delivered the world’s first weather “pawcast” for dogs.

The national forecast for canines has been launched by MORE TH>N Pet Insurance to raise awareness of the climate-related dangers dogs face during these hotter, humid and more stormy summer months.

Mr Haye said: “I’ve been a two weight world champion and fought in front of millions but being a weatherman for dogs is definitely a first. However, as a dog lover and owner I know too well the hazards our four legged friends face on a hot day. I hope that by presenting a weather pawcast I can help raise awareness of the issues that MORE TH>N is highlighting and encourage all dog lovers to be more mindful of how the warm weather affects their pets especially given the current temperatures”

This weekend’s forecast estimates almost a million dogs have been identified as being in ‘very high risk’ temperature zones, with the mercury expected to rise to 28 degrees celsius in some areas.

Dog owners wishing to view the Weather Pawcast for the 25th, 26th and 27th July should go to


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