Wakefield Council paid £46,000 compensation for pupil’s trapped finger

10th Febuary 2011.
Wakefield Town Hall

10th Febuary 2011. Wakefield Town Hall Picture: MATTHEW PAGE

Council bosses paid more than £46,000 in compensation after a child’s finger was trapped in a door at school.

Details of the incident have been released by health and safety campaigners who revealed that the council paid £183,730 to settle school injury claims in a four-year period.

But their figures show that no successful claims were brought against the council for school injuries during the past two financial years.

The council paid amounts of £46,525 and £7,000 in 2008-9 after children had their fingers trapped in doors, figures from the Employment Law Advisory Service show.

In 2009-10, £10,089 was paid after a child’s thumb was trapped in a door. That year, £38,307 was also paid to settle a claim after a child’s leg was fractured in a fall down some steps.

The following year, £19,191 was paid after child fractured their leg in a playground fall

In 2011-12, two children got splinters in their fingers, leading to payouts of £7,500 and £2,625.

In 2012-13 and 2013-14, five claims were brought against the council but none were successful.

The figures show that since 2008, 171 successful claims were brought against Yorkshire education authorities, resulting in payouts of £1.3m.

Judith Badger, Wakefield Council’s director of finance, property and resources said: “Pupil safety is a priority in any school activity or building.

“However, the council only pays compensation on insurance claims on a strict legal liability basis.

“Every case is evaluated on an individual basis and we have a very robust process in place to investigate claims made.”




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