John Upex - UKIP candidate for Wakefield

JOHN Upex was born and raised in Leeds; progressing through the engineering industry from design to general management, he started his own manufacturing company now employing 200 people. He has also funded and aided several small business start-ups in West Yorkshire, creating employment for a number of people.Age 58, married, with 2 grown children


Wakefield region gives 1m a week to Europe to modernise Spain, Ireland, Greece and Eastern Europe. It gives away another 1m a week (net) importing what we used to make ourselves.

We should instead use that money to renew our own Region – to create real, wealth generating businesses which can export, and real, properly paid jobs which give people a future. Only then can we continue to pay for the schools, hospitals and pensions that our parents created for us.

We should not give away our children's money - and we must not give away their freedom.

And Gordon Brown's Sustained Growth ?

We have had sustained growth - in

Public expenditure


The Trade Gap

Immigration – and in particular illegal immigration

Public sector employees

Council taxes

Consumer credit

Factory closures

Employment 'outsourced' to other countries

The cost of housing

Constraints on our individual freedom

Constraints on our business enterprise

Bureaucratic regulations

In the real economy, as measured by the actual value of our business enterprises, the FTSE has risen from 4600 to a tenuous 5000 since the last election – net of only 1.5% compound