Wakefield Council elections - final results

Find out who are the winners and losers in this year's local elections.

Final results in 2008 local election

Ward 7 - Hemsworth

WOMERSLEY, Ian Independent 1,695

LLOYD, Glyn The Labour Party Candidate 1,288

PICKIN, Sandra The Labour Party Candidate 1,203

EVANS, John Independent 663

KENT, Maurice Independent 503

WOMACK, Jeanette British National Party 400

I'ANSON, Christian Charles The Conservative Party Candidate 371

MULLINS, Rebecca Louise The Conservative Party Candidate 329

Ward 5 Crofton, Ryhill and Walton

Tory Susan Lodge wins from Labour.


Dean Crossland, BNP, 902

Susan Lodge, Conservative, 1783

Albert Manifield, Labour, 1730

Ward 6 Featherstone

Kay Binnersley, independent, 1974

Michael Ledgard, Conservative, 464

Dick Taylor, Labour, 1872

Ward 8 Horbury & South Ossett

Tory gain from Labour

Susan Armitage, independent, 576

Janet Holmes, Labour, 1657

Graham Jesty, Conservative, 1845

David Rowland, Lib Dem, 522

Ward 4 Castleford Central and Glasshoughton


Mark-Burns-Williamson, Labour, 1775

Eamonn Mullins, Conservative, 649

Rita Robinson, BNP, 854

Ward 12 Pontefract North

Labour's Jack Kershaw narrowly loses out to Tory Phillip Thomas.


Bob Evison, Independent, 398

Jack Kershaw, Labour, 1323

Rennie Smith, Green Party, 240

Phillip Thomas, Conservative, 1352

Ward 11 Ossett

Tory Terry Brown tales the seat from the Lib Dems.


Terry Brown, Conservative, 1709

Mark Goodair, Lib Dem, 1694

David Watts, Labour, 1105

Ward 17 Wakefield North

Coun Betty Rhodes keeps hold of her seat.

Elizabeth Rhodes, Labour, 1177

Graham John Ridler, Conservative, 1140

Andrew Tennant, Lib Dem, 468

Graham Thewlis-Hardy, BNP, 458

Keith Wells, UKIP, 145

Ward three Altofts and Whitwood

Council leader Peter Box has retained his seat by a clear majority.

Peter Box, Labour, 1316

Michael Burch, LIb Dem, 827

Dawn Byrom, BNP, 585

Gordon Tennant, Conservative, 793

Ward 1 Ackworth, North Elmsall and Upton

Tory Richard Molloy gains seat.


David Arthur, Lib Dem, 709

Allan Garbutt, Labour, 1466

Richard Molloy, Conservative, 1653

Ward 13, Pontefract South

Conservative Mark Crowther gains seat.

Mark Crowther, Conservative, 2340

Trevor Izon, Labour, 1801

Chris Rush. Lib Dem, 650

Ward 18 Wakefield rural

Conservative John Colley wins.

John Colley, Conservative, 2837

Miriam Hawkins, Green Party, 628

Tony Richardson, Labour, 1108

Ward 19 Wakefield South

Tory councillor David Hopkins retains his seat.

John Aveyard, BNP, 321

Norman Hazell, independent 1222

David Hopkins, Conservatives, 1725

Stephen Nuthall, Lib Dem, 369

Simon Young, Labour, 672

Ward 20 Wakefield West

Tory councillor Mike Walker retains his seat.

Brian Else, Green Party, 156

Susan Morgan, Lib Dem, 252

Matthew Morley, Labour, 738

Neville Poynton, BNP, 348

Norman Tate, British Voice, 142

Mike Walker, Conservative, 2479

Ward 15 Stanley & Outwood East

Conservative Simon Wilson beats nearest rival Charles Keith.

David Ewan Evans, Lib Dem, 661

Loraine Frazer, BNP, 608

Charles Geoffrey Keith, Labour, 1112

Simon Francis Wilson, Conservative, 1392

Ward 15 Stanley & Outwood East

Conservative Simon Wilson beat nearest rival Charles Keith.

David Ewan Evans, Lib Dem, 661

Loraine Frazer, BNP, 608

Charles Geoffrey Keith, Labour, 1112

Simon Francis Wilson, Conservative, 1392

Ward 10 Normanton

Labour councillor Barry Smith wins his Normanton seat

Adam Frazer, BNP, 520

Graeme Milner, independent, 699

Barry Smith, Labour, 1037

Jack Smith, Lib Dem, 221

Richard Wakefield, Conservative, 784

Ward 2 Airedale and Ferry Fryston

Labour councillor Graham Phelps retains his seat

Paul Kirby, Lib Dem, 430

Graham Phelps, Labour, 1401

Stephen Rogerson, BNP, 628

Mellisa Wan Omer, Conservative, 540

Ward 14 South Elmsall and South Kirkby

Coun Mollie Wright, Labour, losses seat.

Wilf Benson, Independent, 2248

Allan Couch, Conservative, 389

Mollie Wright, Labour, 1342

Ward 16 Wakefield East

Labour claim another seat with newcomer Ros Lund taking Wakefield East.

Robert David Arnold, BNP, 447

Michael Griffiths, Socialist Alternative, 352

Ros Lund, Labour, 1478

Mark James Pickard, Conservative, 1022


Coun Graham Stokes, cabinet member for corporate services, has fought off the challenge of his Conservative rival.

Tom Dixon, Conservative, 1081

Graham Stokes, Labour, 1417

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