Relive the days of the Kalahari Bushmen and Frank “Heppy” Hepworth

Frank 'Heppy' Hepworth
Frank 'Heppy' Hepworth
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Mention The Wakefield Arms and it often conjures up memories of the days of the Kalahari Bushmen and Frank ‘Heppy’ Hepworth.

During the 1970s and 80s, the pub outside Kirkgate Railway Station would be packed with people who came to enjoy their music.

Copy pic of Tony Costello of 'Kalahari Bushman' band

Copy pic of Tony Costello of 'Kalahari Bushman' band

And now their music will be given a new lease of life as copies of a DVD of their performances will be sold for charity.

Tony ‘Cozzy’ Costello was the landlord from 1972 until 1990. He put together the Wakefield Arms Jazz band and then, along with his best friend and night club owner Frank Hepworth, he formed the Kalahari Bushmen.

Heppy died in 2001 and Cozzy in 2004.

Cozzy’s son, Shaun Costello, has donated 25 copies of the DVD to the Ben Manning Foundation which is raising money to buy the pub and turn it into a community music venue.

Shaun said: “Anyone could join the Arms’ Jazz Band - the only qualification was to enjoy playing an instrument. He had everyone from professors to plumbers join in.

“Rarely a day passes without someone mentioning my dad to me, praising the Bushmen’s music and recalling great nights out. As a favour, I ran off a few tapes of the concerts for people then I got chatting and came up with the idea of selling them for charity.”

The DVDs are available at the charity’s shop in Trinity Walk.

The charity was formed by the family of Ben Manning in memory to the 17-year-old drowned after a night out in Wakefield in 2011.