Take a look at Wayne Roo-knee

IT'S one thing seeing the face of Jesus in a frying pan – but a football worshipper from Horbury got the shock of his life when his hero Wayne Rooney appeared on his knee.

Joiner Rich Rigby, of Green Lane, hurt his leg when he came off his motorbike while off-roading near his home.

Thankfully, the dad-of-two escaped the accident with just a hurt knee, which swelled to an unusual shape due to titanium plates he had in his leg following a football injury in 2001.

It was only when he hobbled to the pub, that friends started saying they could see the face of his favourite footballer Wayne Rooney.

The 31-year-old Manchester United fan said: "I was having a drink with friends and when I showed them my knee we realised it looked like Rooney, so our lass took a photo.

"Everyone was laughing about it. It beggared belief – he is a legend and I never thought he would appear on my knee.

"All his facial features were there, you could see his small ears, nose and he even had a beard like the real Rooney."

Rich's fiancee Stacey Jones, 25, who works in catering for schools, and kids Connor, seven, and Mason, five, were bemused by the bizarre swelling which only lasted a day.

Mr Rigby said he hoped the bizarre swelling was a sign that Manchester United would win the Premier League and that Rooney would have a cracking World Cup for England.

He added: "I hoped it might make me play better too but it hasn't. I don't play competitively, but I do like to have a kick around with the kids.

"I don't mind an injury to my knee, as long as Rooney doesn't get injured we should be okay."