Letter - Left without water while trying to get project open

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We are a Wakefield-based property company and have been for some 50 years.

During this time we have specialised in creating apartments and houses to let or buy.

We have now completed a project in The Bull Ring except for one vital aspect – we have no water.

During November 2013 we paid the required charge of £6,100 plus VAT to Yorkshire Water and were told the works to connect the former Beaumont Estate Agents building (6 & 8 Bull Ring) up to the main would be done in February 2014.

Here we are in May with no water and we are now told it will be another six weeks for Yorkshire Water to connect a four foot piece of underground pipe.

There are people wanting homes in Wakefield and we have homes that are unavailable to move into.

The bureaucratic system is trying to beat us and causing huge expense and inconvenience to all concerned.

Wakefield Council Highways require Yorkshire Water to serve a road closure notice which takes six weeks – God help people who need a new water supply because no one else can.

Melvyn Woodhead

Woodhead Property and Development Services

Providence Street