Price hike at Pugneys railway ‘ridiculous’

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I read with disgust Wakefield councils proposal to raise the lease cost of the small Pugneys railway which could amount to an increase of between £2,000 - £3,500 extra per year.

This railway provides fun for families with young children and some help with older people who may not be able to walk all the way round. The proposal in itself is ridiculous, the railway only runs on days that it can which takes out all the winter months and days where the weather is bad.

The majority of the takings goes into the running and maintenance of the railway with very little profit made. If this proposal is accepted then this small attraction will close and the visitors will suffer through the council’s greed.

Also, there are plans to demolish part of Rutland Mills to modernise the waterfront. Being Grade 2 listed buildings is this allowed? These waterfront buildings are part of Wakefield’s heritage and as such should either be used or left alone. We have lost enough history through the years.

Keith Clarkson