Leeds Festival: the best campsites to pitch your tent

The biggest music event of the summer is just around the corner, offering festival-goers three loud and lively filled days of entertainment.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 1:39 pm
Updated Friday, 17th August 2018, 1:55 pm
There's an array of campsite options to choose from, ranging from quieter areas to livelier ones
There's an array of campsite options to choose from, ranging from quieter areas to livelier ones

While the impressive line-up of artists, which includes big names like Kings of Leon, Post Malone and Panic! At The Disco, is undoubtedly the main attraction, a big part of the festival fun is camping out over the long weekend.

Where to camp

Those planning to camp at the festival have a range of choices to pitch their tent, including quieter options, to campsites located closer to the arena.

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Yellow Bubble and Blue Valley Campsites are closest to the arena and offer the liveliest atmosphere

Yellow Bubble and Blue Valley Campsite

These are the closest campsites to the arena and market area, so are good choices for those who want quick access to the main festival hub.

These two sites are known for their sociable and party-like atmosphere, with residents traditionally staying up late.

If you want a more restful night's sleep, these sites are probably best avoided.

Brown and Green Campsites are the further away and the quietest spots to pitch up

Walking distance to the arena: 2-3 minutes (Yellow), 5 minutes (Blue)

Red Campsite

While Red is located close to the arena and has a lively, sociable feel, campers are more likely to get a better night's sleep here than at Yellow or Blue, with the space being less cramped.

The site can be hilly in places and tricky to navigate after a few drinks, so choose your pitch wisely.

Walking distance to the arena: 5-8 minutes

Orange Campsite

This site is split into two parts, known as "Orange" and "Orange Funfair", and is separated by pretty steep hill, which can present a difficult climb in bad weather and a heavy rucksack to heave to the top.

The funfair side of the campsite obviously has some fairground attractions sitting alongside it, meaning you're close to the action, but you will have to deal with the noise.

Walking distance to the arena: 7-8 minutes (Funfair), 10 minutes (Orange)

Purple Campsite

The front end of the purple site sits close to Orange Funfair, so campers still get some of the noise from the nearby rides, but the atmosphere here isn't quite as raucous as you'll experience in Orange.

The site houses both younger and older campers and offers a great spot if you want to spend your nights at Piccadilly party, meaning you can still have fun and get some sleep.

Walking distance to the arena: 12 minutes

Brown and Green Campsites

These two sites are the ones to go for if you want a more quiet spot, since they're located the furthest from the arena.

The Brown site is aimed more closely at families (and those with campervans), whereas Green is better suited to younger age groups.

Walking distance to the arena: 15 minutes (Green), 18 minutes (Brown)

Festival glamping

If you're keen to enjoy a little luxury over the long weekend, Pink Moon Camping offers some more comfortable glamping options, including roomy tents, spacious tipis and boutique bell tents with beds and power.

The Pink Moon site also includes welcome luxuries like hot, private showers, serviced and clean toilets, and a pamper parlour, complete with hair straighteners and hairdryers.

Alternatively you could opt for the boutique Podpads accommodation, which include a choice of cosy wooden houses or spacious colourful canvas tents.

Campervans are also a great alternative to the traditional tent, although they cannot be parked with tents in the campsite; they will be located on one end of the campsite to comply with non-negotiable licence conditions.

All occupants must possess a valid weekend ticket to the event and this must be clearly displayed inside the vehicle windscreen before you arrive on site.

Heading to the campsite

Earlyy bird ticket holders will have access to the campsite on Wednesday 22 August, from 2pm.

Weekend ticket holders can head to the campsite from 3pm on Thursday 23 August.

The campsite will close at midday on Monday 27 August.