The Weird, Wonderful Web

Each week we bring you some weird and wonderful stories from our websites and beyond to put a smile on your face on a Friday. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

I want my mummy! Spooky goings on with a mysterious moving mummy at a museum: Click here

We’ve all been there... you’re walking along then are suddenly struck by the urge to put a traffic bollard on your head. Great excuse for being late back to work after a liquid lunch though. Click here

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The cheek of it! This brazen thief posed as a security guard to steal cash - and even gave staff a receipt! Click here

Pupils at a Morley primary school win the WWW award for best video this week - what’s not to like about the Wizard of Oz cast singing Lady Gaga? Fantastic! Click here

And finally, the mystery is solved... So that’s what happened to Christa Ackroyd! Click here