Karen with Rahul Mandal and Terry the Tash

The Wright side of life: Try my Halloween pasta recipe

Karen Wright writes: Well readers, that’s another whistle-stop week gone by in a flash, I can’t believe just how fast time is passing, I don’t know about you, but do you sometimes think your settings are skewwhiff and you are somehow fizzing along on fast-forward?

Karen with her scarecrow cake

The Wright side of life: Cake baking and cake tasting

Karen Wright writes: What is a whirling dervish? I think I know and to call someone one means that the person resembles a spinning top or is just being wild and exhausting to be around. That’s me this month and that’s going to be me next month. My calendar has something on it every day, sometimes more than one thing, mind you I am not complaining, its great to be busy and variety is as they say the spice of life.

Karen at Blenheim Palace

The Wright side of life: Following in Churchill’s footsteps

Karen Wright writes: “I like things to happen and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen”. This is actually one of many quotes from the late, great Winston Churchill and I really feel like that too. I like ringing the changes, keeping out of a rut, and taking opportunities when I see them.

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