City Centre Survey: 'We'll strive to be ahead of the game' says Wakefield Council leader Peter Box

Coun Peter Box
Coun Peter Box

Wakefield Council leader Peter Box welcome contributions from Bill Grimsey and said the city was committed to being ‘ahead of the game’

Coun Box said: “I think what we’ve heard today really reinforces what both the Express and the council have been saying for some time now, that we have challenges, not just in Wakefield but right across the country. And we are up for the challenge.

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“We know what people think thanks to the articles the Express has been running and from our own experience that people want to see different things in the city centre.

“I think people now come into the city and our towns for an experience and the challenge now is build on that to make sure we give people a really good reason to come into the city.

“Bill made the point and I agree entirely that we can build on our cultural heritage and that’s something we’ve been doing for a while now but we can certainly do more.”

Coun Box said the events Wakefield hosts are a massive draw and plans are being considered to bring in even more.

He said:“You look at the rhubarb festival which brings people in from all around the country.

“The truth is if we don’t do more events like that then we could become another statistic of towns that are failing so we can’t afford not to do it.

“It may be there’s some investment required from the local authority to do things differently in a way that would attract more people, and attract newer businesses.”