'I’m hoping the worst is behind us and we never see anything like this past year again' - Wakefield landlords look to the future

Ask any pub or bar in Wakefield what the last 12 months have been like and one phrase always comes up – ‘roller coaster’.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 4:45 pm
Shaun Slater at The Black Rock
Shaun Slater at The Black Rock

Shops, bars, restaurants and other businesses have hurtled through lockdowns, furloughs, tier systems, take-out food, more lockdowns, and fresh ways to adapt.

Throughout the pandemic the Express has supported businesses and told the stories of the people behind them.

Louise Waters who runs Harry’s Bar off Westgate in the city centre said: “We’re bit fed up but I suppose there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stanley pub landlords Steve Barker (Thatched House) Sam Carney (The Travellers) and Lisa Smith (The Graziers)

“I think it’s reasonable to be cautious and the government has made it clear everything has to be in line to get the next stages open so we will see.

“It’s been a long old wait so I suppose a few more weeks isn’t so bad.” Shaun Slater, landlord at the Black Rock, will have to wait a little longer to open.

The popular Cross Square pub has little in the way of outside space and will have to wait until customers are allowed back inside.

Shaun said: “It’s got to be staggered or we’ll be back in lockdown. The next month will be difficult as people are getting confident after the jab and venturing out already.

“It’s the news we all need though I won’t be able to open until May. However, providing all restrictions are lifted by June 21 it could work.”

He added: “I’m hoping the worst is behind us and we never see anything like this past year again.”

Sam Carney runs The Travellers Inn at Stanley. She says that hospitality has been put through the mill over the past year and is taking nothing for granted.

She said: “After trading for 15 years it’s been a roller coaster.

“This is very stressful because we have no guidelines again that’s been set for us if we open outside on April 12.”