MyRoom provides windows, doors and conservatory needs

A builders’ merchant in Castleford now has the third generation of its owning family at the helm, with his goal being to make the outfit more accessible to the public than ever before.

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Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 10:21 am
MyRoom is a business you can trust with your home.

Jake Crossland is the 24-year-old son of Paul Crossland, who himself is the son of Paul Snr., who started his company Crossland Builders over 40 years ago. Evolving over time into a company that supplied paving, aggregates, windows, doors, conservatories and much more to tradesmen, the youngest of the family has now brought the business straight to the public, with a brand new website and Facebook and Instagram pages there to show the kind of work MyRoom Home Improvements can do, all still with the personal touch that is essential when you trust a workman with your home.

“My grandfather Paul was serving the public in the Castleford area long before I was born, and then my Dad joined him in around 1991 before I came on board eight years ago, when I was 16,” explains Jake. “My grandfather’s business never really did retail; it was a trade and building business called Allisons Home and Garden, and what I’m doing now with MyRoom is kind of an off-shoot of that. We specialise in windows and doors, and a lot of our business currently is with conservatories and replacing their old polycarbonate roof with a modular pod system with exceptional thermal values”

Industry approved

MyRoom provides windows, doors and conservatory needs

Even though MyRoom has evolved from another long-standing business, a lot of work has occurred behind the scenes so that customers can have confidence in the working being done. For example, the company is part of a governing body called InVeka, which represents only the very best PVC-U companies in the industry, backing them up with customers a remarkable ten-year, Insurance-Backed Guarantee (IBG) on their investment. MyRoom is also certified with ASSURE Certification Ltd, which pools the knowledge of builders and other clients to ensure that building projects are completed to the highest possible standard.

“Network InVeka” is a group of registered installers, and what it means for the public is that if one of their companies ceases to trade, the next nearest company would assume the warranty for the work done,” explains Jake. “It’s great piece of mind for the public when they’re making a big decision about their property.”

Every home is different, of course, and this is where the personal touch comes to the fore. MyRoom will come to your property and survey the area, and make both creative and pragmatic suggestions based on your needs.

Written quotations

“What you get from us after a survey is a full written quotation, which makes us quite unique. This isn’t something written down on a scrap of paper and posted through the letterbox; it’s a full breakdown of what’s been discussed and why it should happen a certain way, and in that sense it’s a lot more personal.”

Indeed, MyRoom is intent on completely changing the relationship between builder and customer, as Jake added: “We want to make friends with people. We don’t just want customers who we work for in a cold kind of way; we want to give them a great experience from top to bottom that means they’ll be happy to come back to us, and refer our work to other people.

“This is a start to finish process, making sure people get what they want right through to the end, and a lot of companies don’t do that. That’s the kind of business my grandfather started, and that’s the kind of business I want MyRoom to be.”

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