Thank you teachers! Your end of year messages to the teachers of Wakefield, Pontefract and Castleford

It's been an extraordinary year for all of us - not least for our children, schools and, of course, the teachers who have gone above and beyond to do their best for our children in difficult circumstances.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 10:18 am

From homeschooling, bubbles and unable to see their friends, children, and their teachers, have faced so much.

So, with the end of the school year here, we gave you the chance to send a message to our fantastic schools and teachers who have made such a difference - both in and out of classroom.

Here are your messages - and don't forget, they also appear in this week's Express, so pick up a copy today!

From homeschooling, bubbles and unable to see their friends, children, and their teachers, have faced so much.

Ian Clarke, Normanton Junior School: "I want to thank my teacher Mr Clarke for always believing in me and helping me gain confidence in my work and to get more involved in lessons. You're the best." Lexie Carter.

Gawthorpe Community Academy: "Thank you for teaching our kids this past year, online and in school. You've done fantastic, you are the best!" Parents of Gawthorpe kids.

Miss Rowley. Delacy Primary, Pontefract: "Thank you for your amazing support throughout this already difficult year, and all the extra issues that have arisen. Keep doing what you're doing, we couldn't ask for better if we tried." Esmaii-Jade Wilson, Pontefract.

Everyone at Pomfret Woodland Nursery: "Thank you for everything you have done to help guide Lola-Rai in to the little strong minded, stubbon girl she is. Not a lot of people can handle her, but you guys are amazing.T hank you so much, keep doing what you are doing, don't ever change. I will miss you all." Lola-Rai Wilson.

Mrs Grindle, Halfpenny Lane Primary: "Thank you for being amazing! We would have been lost without you this year! You're the best!" Class 2W Halfpenny Lane.

Glasshoughton Infant Academy: "Thank you so much to Mrs Walker, all the awesome teachers and wonderful support staff at GIA. I am going to miss you all now I have to leave. My time at GIA has been amazing." Zac Burton.

Mrs Fletcher and all her amazing team of teachers and staff at Brotherton and Byram Community Academy: "Thank you for keeping all our children happy and excited about school and safe during these past 18 months. You and your team go above and beyond everyday and for that we will always be so grateful. Enjoy the summer. You all deserve it!" Henry, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Sophie and Daniel Kinsey Hayes.

Mrs Fox, Glasshoughton Infant Academy: "Thank you for being the best teacher I’ve ever had, for supporting me during lockdown and throughout the rest of Year 2. I will be sad to leave everyone at Glasshoughton Infant Academy, it’s the best school ever!" Hattie Williams-Owen, Castleford.

Miss Grindle and Miss Conway at Sandal Magna Community Academy: "Thank you for helping our young man to not only settle after arriving in October, but helping him thrive and able to move on to high school. Thank you again." Karen Else

Mrs Smart Flanshaw Junior & Infant School: "Thank you Mrs Smart for being the best teacher and I am sad to be leaving you." Ceanne Wood.

Mr Hill, Fairburn View: "Thank you for helping me shine, from zoom lessons to the classroom, you have been the best. I will miss you." Oliver Wagstaff.

Mr Clark: "Thank you, through a strange year, from zoom lessons to been in classroom, thank you for keeping us safe and helping me shine" Riley Wagstaff.

Ms Brown, Halfacre Primary Academy: "Thank you for everything you have done, not only for us but our two older brothers too. You really are an amazing teacher. We are all going to miss you." Sophie and Lilly Staniforth, Year 6.

Mrs Ripley/Roberts Snapethorpe Primary School: "Thankyou for everything you have done and continue to do for Casey-May. It hasn't been easy, all the new things you've had to learn as well as all the people you've had to meet. So just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you and what you do. We couldn't ask for a better 1-1." Casey-May Kelly, Lisa-Marie Edgar.

Gemma Robinson, Snapethorpe Primary School: "The best parent support worker i've ever known, A credit to Snapethorpe Primary School, so keep doing what you are doing." Snapethorpe Primary School Parents.

Anna Bates, Highfield School, Ossett: "Thank you for being the best teacher in my first year at secondary school, I.will miss you, Liv and Samantha when I move to my next class, love from Cody." Cody Grainger-Potter, Featherstone.

Mrs Harrison, South Parade School, Wakefield: "This year has been hard for everyone We have both lost special people in our lives - You have been there to help me throughout everything and cheered me up when I needed that reassurance. Thank you for going above and beyond, Thank you." Luke Marsden.

Miss Hannah Nelson, West Bretton Junior & Infant School: "Thank you for nurturing, encouraging and helping our little ones grow and shine during their first year at school - you have been truly outstanding." All families of Lower Foundation Stage children (Sarah Kemp - Notton)

Miss King: "Thank you for always going above and beyond for the kids in nursery! My son has allergies and she took the time to find ways of always including him and not making him feel different. For making school a fun and happy place and being an amazing teacher!" Emma and Joey Beasley, Snapethorpe.

Mrs Bumbleberry, Acorns Resouce, Pontefract: "Thank you for everything you have taught me. I'm going to miss you ever so much. Time to move on to new adventures, and hope you like your new job." Cody Williams, Castleford.