Pontefract model and endometriosis sufferer Chloe campaigns for women’s health

Chloe-Elizabeth Elliott.
Chloe-Elizabeth Elliott.

A TEENAGER who suffers from a chronic condition and campaigns to raise awareness, has made it through to the finals of a model competition.

Chloe Elizabeth Elliott, 16, has become a teenage spokeswoman for endometriosis, though her short films on her YouTube channel and social media pages.

She shares her story as she bares the unsightly scars caused by her painful condition with pride, to inspire others, as she offers advice and support to those suffering.

She was named a winner of the Miss South Yorkshire beauty pageant and is now through to the Supermodel England finals, to be held in Barnsley on November 9.

Chloe said: “Although I am struggling with my health and at times have to use a wheelchair, I am absolutely delighted to have made it this far in the competition.

“I won an extra place and received a golden ticket through to the finals, in part due to my campaigning for endometriosis.”

The beauty therapy student from Carleton in Pontefract has suffered with the condition for eight years.

A chronic and debilitating condition, it causes painful or heavy periods. It can also lead to infertility, fatigue and bowel and bladder problems.

Chloe began struggling with symptoms at the age of eight, just before her periods started: “It is crippling and debilitating. I once collapsed in school, while I was having my exams and taken to hospital after fainting. The effects are really scary.”

Chloe is now asking people to vote for her by liking the Supermodel England Facebook page, and then liking her picture in the 2019 public vote album under Chloe 16.