Wakefield care home boss defends The Glynn on Bradford Road after it's rated 'inadequate' by Care Quality Commission

A Wakefield care home has been placed in special measures after inspectors said they found a series of failings and safety issues.
Sharon Blick said it had been a "trying and stressful year" because of Covid.Sharon Blick said it had been a "trying and stressful year" because of Covid.
Sharon Blick said it had been a "trying and stressful year" because of Covid.

The Glynn Residential Home, on Bradford Road, has been rated inadequate by the social care watchdog.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said it visited the home last summer after being contacted by a whistleblower who'd raised concerns about how the venue, which cared for 38 people at the time of inspection was run.

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However, the home's owner and manager said she was challenging the CQC's verdict and insisted The Glynn is a "good home".

In a report following visits on four separate days between July and September, inspectors said that "no adequate investigations (were) carried out where people had been injured".

They said: "For example, one person's bruising was recorded on a body map, but with no investigation as to how this may have happened.

Inspectors also claimed there was a failure to administer medication safely, with some night-shift staff reporting they had received "no training" in that area.

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Inspectors said: "During our visit to the home, one person called out continuously for 40 minutes.

"We went to speak with the person and although they could not communicate verbally with us, they showed signs of distress.

"We asked staff whether the person might be in pain and whether they had considered offering pain relief if so.

"Staff said the person had been offered pain relief but regularly refused this.

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"We checked the person's medicines administration chart and there was no record of them having been offered or refused pain relief."

The CQC said it was "mindful" of the impact coronavirus has had all on care homes and that it had taken account of the exceptional circumstances managers were facing.

The home's owner and manager Sharon Blick, said that other parts of the service had been praised, but that these were not included in the report.

The CQC's published finding did omit details about three criteria that care homes are judged on.

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Ms Blick said: "The report has been challenged and we'll continue to challenge it. There's things the inspectors have said that we're disputing.

"I've been here for 37 years. The staff that are here are absolutely excellent. Many of them have been here for 10 or 15 years.

"We have a very good retention of staff because we are a good home. Residents and families are happy. We have one lady who's lived here for 21 years.

"It's been a very trying and stressful year for everybody concerned.

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"We've managed to keep Covid at bay for nine months but we have now just had an outbreak.

"Wakefield Council are very supportive of us, as are the GP surgeries and the local district nurses."

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