Wakefield yoga classes help the community tackle physical, mental and emotional health

Wakefield yoga classes are continuing to help the Wakefield community deal with the stresses of daily life after being granted permission to hold three classes a week.

Monday, 30th December 2019, 12:09 pm
Updated Monday, 30th December 2019, 12:09 pm

Jo Stevenson applied to Wakefield Council's planning department to change the garage at her home at Calder Gate in Stanley, to hold small group sessions, earlier this year.

Jo, a qualified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher and a mental health advocate, said it is thanks to the community and people who take part in her classes that the application was approved - with 102 comments supporting the move.

Some of those supportive comments included:

Wakefield yoga classes are continuing to help the Wakefield community deal with the stresses of daily life.

- "Absolutely 100% this venture. This is not only a yoga studio but a community place to speak and support your mental health”

- "The studio and Jo are a lifeline for many women. Our community needs and deserves this beautiful small space and environment."

- "Jo has created a beautiful space which nurtures the local community and also enhances the lives of those that live further away. "

- "In a world full of stress and pressure this safe haven should be treasured by the local community. Jo has my full support for the amazing work she does and positive wellness she brings to her classes”

- "I am in full support of the yoga classes at this location. I have been going for over a year now and this class has saved me from anxiety and depression during a dark time when there was nothing that the NHS and mental health services could offer. Loss of this class in Joanne's own, positive, calming space would be a detriment to our whole community."

Jo said: "This is a real win for the community and for all the women who have supported this planning application by donating and commenting to ensure their safe space can continue in some capacity.

"I am so very pleased that the council has listened to and worked with the community on this.

"A lot of women of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities come to my classes who, like me, have suffered burn out, break down, who have anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges or how are just stressed from the increasing pressures of daily life.

"Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology that is very powerful and acts quickly to improve not just physical, but mental and emotional health and I am passionate about creating safe intimate, inclusive spaces that build a sense of community and improve wellbeing."

Jo also teachers her classes at Outwood Memorial Hall and at North Star Pilates in Wakefield.

She is also looking for her own local studio space so the classes can continue to reach and benefit as many people as possible in the local community."

She said: "I would love to raise awareness of the benefits of yoga and mediation and break down any barriers to local people attending."

To find out more, visit Jo's website here