Explore inside Castleford's old Maestro social club.Explore inside Castleford's old Maestro social club.
Explore inside Castleford's old Maestro social club.

Explore Castleford's abandoned Maestro social club - that was the victim of two devastating fires

Here’s 17 photos exploring Castleford’s abandoned Maestro Club, a once thriving nightspot, which has been left empty for 18 years.

The Old Maestro Club, just off Bradley Avenue in Castleford, is a former social club and pub venue.

The club dates from the 1960s, and was a popular spot amongst locals back in the day.

By the 1980s, the club was one of the top venues for a night on the town to visit, costing just 20 pence to get in.

The pub was bought by a private landlord in the 1990s, but its reputation began to wane and in 2005, after a devastating blaze tore through the Maestro, it never reopened.

Vandals sadly had their way with the building in recent years, creating rubble-filled rooms, which quickly became an eyesore to locals.

A plan to demolish it and build four homes was approved by Wakefield Council in 2020.

However, in July 2022, another fire hit the derelict former club building, causing further damage and completely gutting the building.

The venue has since remained closed with only urban explorers braving the building.

There are no current plans in place to demolish or adapt the building.

Take a look inside through these 17 photos taken by popular urban explorer, Lost Places & Forgotten Faces.