37 photos that will take you back to nights out in Wakefield club Flares

Remember these nights out? Or maybe the night was that good you don't remember much of it!

Friday, 21st August 2020, 11:17 am
Updated Friday, 21st August 2020, 11:24 am
Can you spot anyone you know?
Can you spot anyone you know?

Well, let's jog your memory a bit by sharing these cracking photos taken from Flares in 2011. Can you spot anyone you know?

Katherine, Nat & Jess.
Ryan, John and Carrie.

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Kellie & Abigail .
Sophie, Amy, Katie & Sophie.
Tasha, Chloe, Alicia, Katy on Halloween.
Caroline,Hannah & Jenny dress up for Halloween at the club.
Kara and Carry.
Katy & Kirstie.
Tasha, Laura, Alicia, Emily, Chloe.
Vicky and Amy.
Fiona & Rich.
Dayle, Marie, Scott & Sammy.
Fran & Eimi.
Debbie and Katie
Matthew, Paul, Richard & Keith.
Charlotte, Lizzie & Georgie.
Rachel and Holly.
Louise & Alix
Raj and Joy.
Cristie, Emma & Matt in Flares.
Anna and Will enjoy a night out.
Kelly, Amber & Jade.
Paul, David and Keely.
Lisa, Jodie, Cristie & Judith.
Alice, Amy, Sam & Michaella.
Julie, Naomi, Kelly & Liz.
Carl, Ash, Luke, Chris & Tom.
Hannah, Nicola & Gina.
Christine, Michelle, Doreen, Carla & Vicky.
Faye, Tina, Jade, Vicky & Tracy
Megan, Kelly, Dawn & Emma.
'Kirsty's Girls' on Kirsty's Hen Do.
Nikki, Vicky, Nicola & Rebecca.
Alex, Karen & Keith.
Sally, Ellen, Louise, Liz & Katydress up for their night out.
Sam, Liz, Kelly, Caroline, Katy & Mikey-T.
Emma & Ann enjoying a night out in 2011.