Here's 21 pictures of your birthday nights out in Wakefield from 2007 and 2008 - did you mark a milestone in the city?

Here's a collection of your birthday nights out in Wakefield.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 5:39 pm
Can you spot yourself?
Can you spot yourself?

Want more retro nights-out pics? Here's The Gate, Bar Mex, Cave Bar, even more Cave Bar, Havana Bar, Escobar, Office Bar, and a big noughties collection.

Amelia, Natalie, Sally and Amy out on Sally and Amy's Birthdays
Jeanne, Jennie, Jess and Sam out on Jennie's 18th

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Higgs, Darby, Clark and Hemingway out on Higgs 18th in Reflex
Steph, Sara, Helen, Danielle, Jamie and Lauren out on Steph's 18th in Town
Johnny and Baxby out on Spinky's birthday in Mex
Lisa, Sarah, Sarah and Jolene out on Sarah's 20th
Mel, Stacey and Emilly out on Stacey's 20th birthday.
Hayley, Hannah and Becki out on Becki's 20th
Ayisha, Nat, Tasha, Jessica, Katie, Sarah, Sonia, Jenny, Luke and Jason Out on Katie's Birthday
Laura, Kate and Shel out on Laura's 18th in Tryst
Lois, Lauren, Nikki, Stacey, Fran and Nikkie out on Lois birthday
Olivia, James, Emma, Oliver and Dale out on Jame's birthday in Mex
Lil, Becky, Arnie and Mark Out in Zone on Arnie's 19th birthday
Jess, Canos, Steph, Vicky and Alex Out On Jess's 20th birthday
Sarah, Vicki, Shelley and Sam out on Sarah's birthday in Quest
Gd, Wiz, Hedges, daz, Jamie, Ryan, Danni, Linzi and Alex out on Alex 21st Birthday in Mex
Lauren, Dan, Jonny, Rob, Lewis, Luke, Danielle, Grant and Chris out on Chris's Birthday in Mex
Kate, Emma, Laura, Kat and Evans Out on Laura's 19th
Big Phil and Stevie-B Out on Stevie's 21st
Nueala 'Trev' Laura in Tryst, for 'Trev's ' Birthday
Jess, Anne, Rachael, Shauni and Lisa in Mex for Lisa's birthday.