23 photos that will take you back to a night out in HAVANA in 2005

If you remember putting on your gladrags and dancing the night away in Havana, then we might have taken a photo of you enjoying yourself!

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 12:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th September 2019, 1:27 pm
Did we get you picture on a night out in Havana in 2005?

Our photographer was out and about in the club back in 2005 and many of you on nights out were more than happy to pose for pictures with your pals. So, does this latest batch include you? We'll be digging deep again through our photo files for more nights on the tiles on Wakefield, so keep your eyes peeled!photo

James and James on the town in Havana in 2005.
Katy, Craig and Katie.
Laura, Babs, Claire and Karen in Havana in 2005.
Sheryl and Debra enjoying a night out.
Joanne & Vicky smile for the camera.
Karl, Keeley, Josie and Mark have a night out in 2005.
Ryan, Stewart, Ben, Wayne, Martin and Chris on the sun terrace.
James, Dan, Phill and Spencer.
Annette, Karen and Tina.
Sophie, Jackson, Gaz and Jono.
Melanie and Paul.
Brett, Samuel, Ali, Stuart and Phil enjoying a night out in Havana.
Sarah, bride-to-be Jo and Sue out for Jo's hen party.
Zoe and Joanne.
Becky and Jenny.
Kelly, Sarah and Danielle.
Rob, Steve, Nathan and Adie.
Bridget, Sabrina, Sarah-Jane and Maria.
Chris and Craig.
Gail, Katie and Lynne.
James, Adam and Nick.
Jimmy, Scott, Dane, Dave and James.
Rebecca, Lynsay, Libby and Mandy.