Is Czinger as fast as the name suggests?

The new car from CzingerThe new car from Czinger
The new car from Czinger
IF you have £1.3m to burn and you want something different, if not quite unique, then try a Czinger (pronounced zinger).

This is an American hypercar with a difference, due to be launched at the Geneva motor show in March. It is a two-seater, with the passenger sitting behind the driver as on a motorcycle, and it has breathtaking performance.

Top speed is 236mph and it hits 62mph in just under two seconds. Power is from a 2.9 litre V8 engine allied to two electric motors adding further power to the front wheels. It emits 1.233bhp.

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The name may sound like onomatopoeia but it is actually named after Kevin Czinger, an American car designer. If you haven’t heard of him up to now, you will hear more of him in the future.

The Czinger 21C hypercar will be limited to just 80 models with road and track oriented versions.

A Czinger spokesman said: “Vehicle performance results from a design in which all parts have a precise purpose, are built to achieve that purpose and combine to work in harmony. The 21C embodies that approach to total vehicle design.”

The car is built in Los Angeles with one target in mind: to maximise power to weight efficiency.

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The team also want to use “next generation thinking” adding: “The 21C provides the ideal seating position to achieve optimal performance driving and weight distribution.”

Rooted in aerodynamic efficiency, the 21C’s in-line seating creates a narrow cabin that pierces the air. The shrink-wrapped body hugs the chassis, tightly sculpting the front and rear overhang around the wheels.

A production car has never before combined all of these design elements.

The one-plus-seating arrangement is said to emanate from Czinger’s love of superbikes.

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The car is pictured on the cover at California’s famous Bixby bridge and above on Hollywood Boulevard.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. Founded in 2019 by the CEO, Mr Czinger, the trailblazing performance brand “is built around a core ethos of using revolutionary technology to create vehicles that have dominating performance and iconic design”.

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