My First Car with Abbie Dewhurst oif the BBC

Abbie Dewhurst is a driving fanAbbie Dewhurst is a driving fan
Abbie Dewhurst is a driving fan
BBC weather presenter Abbie Dewhurst just loves MINIs.

Her first car was a red one and now she drives a newer version. And she adores driving.

She said: “My first car was a little red MINI that I found on eBay with my Dad.

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"I called it Mindy and I absolutely loved it - it was about eight years old but had only ever had one owner who had done about 20,000 miles in it so it felt brand new!

Abbie loved her first car, a MINIAbbie loved her first car, a MINI
Abbie loved her first car, a MINI

“It had a chequered white and red roof and I put Union Jack wing mirrors on it. My first true love!”

Abbie, who presents on Look North, says she adores being behind the wheel. “I absolutely love it - I think when you live rurally you accept that it's part of life and I used to have to commute two hours to get to my nearest radio station when I was starting out in the media industry.

“I would listen to the radio, sing along to my favourite music and nowadays love to get stuck into a good podcast. It seems to be the only time I have to stop and think without my phone constantly pinging at me so do find it quite therapeutic.”

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She says she has remained loyal to the brand and still has a thing about MINIs which she doesn’t think will ever diminish. But she does admire a Porsche model as an expensive alternative.

Although her current e-version of the MINI is her favourite. She loves how it drives and admires it for being green and good for the environment. She says it is easy to drive and she can’t find a fault with it. She has even got used to the automatic gearbox.

“I'm a creature of habits and have only ever had a MINI - I even learnt to drive in one! I'm on my fourth at the moment and if I'm being honest, my current - the Mini SE, electric is my absolute favourite.

“Anyone who has driven an electric car will be able to relate to how futuristic they feel and with mine being a small little nippy thing it feels like driving a go-kart. I thought I'd miss the gears as all electrics are automatic but I've actually really enjoyed it. Plus you can schedule your departure time on an app so it's nice and toasty when I leave for work at 3:30am - the dream!”She says her fantasy car would be a 4x4.

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“Crikey - I think my dream car has probably changed recently with the release of so many incredible electric cars - something I'm really passionate about championing. I've seen some classic Land Rover Defenders have had their engine swapped for a battery.

“I like to think that would be the perfect mix of my countryside roots and my love for going greener.

“Also the Porsche Taycan if I'm feeling a bit fancier is probably one of the most beautiful electric cars on the market in my opinion.”

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