City brought to life in watercolour

WAKEFIELD'S history has been preserved in watercolour and artist Louisa Fennell is one of the people to thank.

Miss Fennell was born in Wakefield in 1847. She was one of eight children of William Fennell, a wine merchant, and his wife Mary.

She started painting as a child together with her sister Emily and later studied at the Wakefield School of Art under John Batty Tootal and Thomas Hartley Cromek.

In 1865 she gained a first-class medal at the Wakefield Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition and she created the winning design for the Wakefield School Board's new seal in 1871.

As well as painting Wakefield, Miss Fennell also painted other parts of the country and visited Rome twice.

Miss Fennell never married. She died at 21 St John's Square, Wakefield, on March 13 1930. Her funeral was held at St John's Church two days later and she was buried in the churchyard there.

Exhibitions of her work were held at Wakefield Art Gallery in 1930 and 1950 and at Wakefield Museum in 1978.

Two portfolios of her work were published by Goodall and Suddick early last century.

l Info gathered from Kate Taylor's Worthies of Wakefield.