Favourite Things: Emily Hofmann

Emily Hofmann
Emily Hofmann

Emily Hofmann, 21, is part of the well-known family of butchers and bakers who have several shops in Wakefield.

She has lived here all her life and divides her time between the family farm, work and walking the countryside.

Early morning frost at Walton Colliery Nature Park by Michiko Smith.

Early morning frost at Walton Colliery Nature Park by Michiko Smith.

Here she describes her favourite things about Wakefield.

What I do in my spare time:

Any free time I have is generally split depending on the season.

I help on the family farm throughout the year but spring is my favourite as it’s lambing season.

The Establishment on Westgate.

The Establishment on Westgate.

I get the chance to be much more hands on when it comes to lambing and calving time.

Most weekends through autumn and winter are spent supporting the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team.

Where to shop:

One of Wakefield’s hidden treasures is Hanni May’s Gift Emporium on Teall Street.

Anglers Country Park by John Clifton.

Anglers Country Park by John Clifton.

Hanni May’s is by far my favourite shop in town, with their wonderful range of unique gifts I never leave empty handed, even on the days I call in just for a quick browse.

Where to drink:

As far as Wakefield’s nightlife goes, I enjoy going for drinks at The Old Print Works, The Establishment and Kindred Spirit.

They are perfect locations for casual drinks without overwhelming music.

All three bars have a chilled out atmosphere, while still being unique in their own ways.

The Old Print Works is a charming traditional pub, The Establishment, pictured below left, has a classy and stylish feel and Kindred Spirit is a more modern bar as they’ve not long since re-opened after their refurbishment.

Where to walk:

However the one constant throughout the year is finding new places to walk my two springer spaniels.

Where I go depends on the weather, as both of my girls can’t be kept out of the water so I have to be careful in the colder months.

My favourite places to go that allow the dogs to run off the lead and swim are Anglers Country Park at Wintersett or Walton Colliery Nature Park, pictured above by Michiko Smith.

Both are so peaceful and great places to go to enjoy the summer.

However, through the winter I love taking them to Seckar Wood on Barnsley Road.

My grandma used to take her dog every day, religiously all through my childhood and it was one of the highlights of staying with her when I got to tag along.

The dogs love it because they get to run off the lead and follow all the interesting smells.

Where to eat:

Wakefield is extremely lucky to have great restaurants and eateries.

Obviously the best place for food on the go is Hofmann’s.

We make an award-winning pork pies and sausages.

We also do events catering and personalised celebration cakes.

My go-to place to catch up with friends is Mr and Mrs C’s on the Bull Ring.

Their scones are delicious, coupled with the chic décor it’s by far the most enjoyable place to relax.

Felice’s Bella Roma (pictured above) is my choice restaurant in Wakefield.

Italian food being a favourite of mine means that I’ve tried most restaurants in the area and Bella Roma has never disappointed.

Felice is often on hand to make you feel welcome and together with the fantastic food, this is definitely a must try if you haven’t already.

The New Inn in Walton is a lovely little pub for any occasion.

The food is delicious and atmosphere is welcoming and cosy, with a country pub feel.