Karen Wright: Book projects are coming on in earnest

It's been a whole week since I arrived home from my trip to Europe and I am only just feeling I am on top of things in the house.
Mushroom bourguignon by Karen WrightMushroom bourguignon by Karen Wright
Mushroom bourguignon by Karen Wright

Our small garden was a wilderness and the house felt dusty and full of cobwebs. By the time we had emptied the motorhome and brought everything indoors I felt quite overwhelmed with how cluttered everything felt. It is so easy to feel that way when there is so much going on or things to do. I decided to approach everything in small steps and just do a section of the tasks each day. It might have taken me a week to square everything up, but it was much less stressful than trying to ‘build Rome in a day’ - my house is nothing like Rome of course but you know what I mean!

Things are moving quite fast with my book, or should I say books! The book I am publishing myself – Meals on the Move: A Campsite Cooking Journey - that follows my European tour is just about ready to go to print, so I am looking forward to it being ready to sell in early Autumn. It looks very bright and colorful and has so many photographs, with thirty recipes and a diary entry for each day. I am in the early stages of organising small intimate book launches in and around Wakefield to promote it, which will include tasters! Watch this space!

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However, this is not the only book project that I’ve been doing behind the scenes. I am also involved in a book called The Social Kitchen, which is available to pre-order now and which will be published on 31 August. Published by Meze in Sheffield, this book is a compilation of recipes written by different social media foodies. We each have three recipes in the book and I chose my three recipes from my Meals on the Move book to give people a taster of what is to come. I selected some of my favourites: mushroom bourguignon, provencal chicken and bratwurst with stoemp. If you want to pre-order the Social Kitchen, you can do so by visiting this website: https://mezepublishing.co.uk/product/pre-order-the-social-kitchen/. Use the code KAREN at checkout so they will know to credit the sale to me. This photo is my delicious mushroom dish!

I am off on my travels again this week, this time to London. I am travelling by coach and staying at Abbey Wood, a great Caravan and Motorhome Club site in South London, I have booked another gorgeous glamping pod. It's another family event that I will share with you next week!