Karen Wright: ​European road trip continues on to Italy

Karen enjoying some pasta on her European road tripKaren enjoying some pasta on her European road trip
Karen enjoying some pasta on her European road trip
​The second week of my trip to Europe has been a busy one. We started in the Ardèche Gorge where we had an exhilarating but also quite terrifying trip down the river in a canoe.

​There were only small rapids, but they managed to tip us over and we floundered about like beached whales in our efforts to stand up and get back on board. Our flip flops went sailing downstream but thankfully they were returned to us by some kind people who had witnessed our distress.

We moved next to a campsite in Provence which was very beautiful once again. This time we were on an emplacement with two olive trees, which I enjoyed setting up my cooking station and taking a little shade from their branches. During our stay, we walked into the town just a kilometer away called Volonne, a typical Provencal small town with small and ancient alleys to explore. We stopped for a coffee in the town square, which was quite busy, all the local people sitting and enjoying the sunshine and chattering away over coffees and cigarettes.

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The town is on the Route Napoleon, the long journey that Bonaparte and his army rode and marched along after he escaped from exile in Elba. The route took him from Antibes in the south up to Grenoble in the Rhône-Alpes. There was a painting on the wall depicting the journey on the walls of the ancient lavarie (washhouse) in the town.

After enjoying a couple of days in Provence we moved out of France and into Italy. We took the motorway down to Nice and Menton and we arrived at our next campsite in Sanremo, which is just over the border from France.

Another very different campsite but also very fabulous. Situated right by the sea, it even boasts its own private beach which we spent an afternoon on, and I had a refreshing swim in the sea. It was a bit difficult getting in and out as the beach was made of pebbles: I wobbled about and fell into the sea on the way in and crawled on my hands and knees on the way out, not very graceful!

We ate out for a change at the restaurant on site, and of course when in Italy one must eat pizza, so we did! Delicious. After just relaxing onsite for our first stay in Italy we were ready to move on. Next stop Tuscany, where we have a few day trips planned.