Karen Wright: ​I did expect the unexpected on London trip

​‘Expect the unexpected’ is a quote from an Oscar Wilde play. ​It is an exciting concept and one I live by. Last week, totally out of the blue, I received an email asking if I could pop down to London for a couple of days and do a spot of filming with Channel 5.

Fortunately, I was able to clear some space in my diary, pack a bag and go, all at the drop of a hat!

I also needed to take a batch of Chelsea Bun dough with me, which meant I had to get up at the crack of dawn to prepare that. Fortune was shining on me that day as I managed to hop on an earlier train and that got me to London slightly ahead of schedule, which bought me a bit of breathing space to contemplate my onward journey. Once I arrived at Kings Cross, I made my way on the tube to Hammersmith and then took a bus to Fulham. Thank goodness for Google maps as I followed the instructions and arrived, along with my bread dough at the correct address.

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I got to work straight away, rolling and filling my Chelsea buns on camera. We then took the buns in a black cab to Chelsea and I was chatting on camera on the journey as I marvelled at all the amazing places we were driving past.

Once the filming was out of the way I made my way to my hotel and settled down for the night. The next day, I had the full morning at leisure, so I hopped on the tube and went for a walk around Hyde Park. It was a glorious morning - blue sky and full sun. I started the walk in the rose garden, and it was heavenly, the perfume from the roses was gorgeous. As I walked along, I was fascinated by all the activities that people were doing in the park. There was even a man jogging at speed backwards!

The Serpentine was busy with pedaloes, rowing boats, swans, and geese. There were lots of young goslings too and they were extremely cute indeed. I walked slowly and sat down on memorial benches every few hundred yards so that I could drink in the sights and sounds. After crossing the Serpentine bridge, I made my way back to the tube station and returned to Chelsea to finish my day with a spot more filming. The show I was being filmed for will be broadcast in summer so watch this space!