Karen Wright: Mouthwatering recipes for my up and coming motorhome trip

Karen Wright's It's A Wrap pizza for motorhome Euro tripKaren Wright's It's A Wrap pizza for motorhome Euro trip
Karen Wright's It's A Wrap pizza for motorhome Euro trip
​​One project that I am working on now combines two of my favourite things. One is traveling and the other is cooking.

I am preparing for a month-long motorhome trip in Europe, and I am developing recipes suitable for cooking on a hob.

One of the countries I am visiting is Italy and when we think Italy, we almost always think pizza!

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Pizzas are cooked in very hot ovens, so my quest to find a way to make a pizza on a hob was a bit of a task.

This is what I did.

I used a tortilla wrap as a base, I sprayed both sides with a bit of oil and then placed it in a frying pan on a very gentle heat.

I spread some red pesto from a jar onto it leaving a margin of about an inch, you could use passata or puree.

Then I topped it with oregano, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese.

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I put a lid on the pan which created extra heat and started to melt the cheese and then I added spinach which also wilted down under the lidded pan.

While this was cooking, I fried an egg to top the pizza.

In a regular pizza oven, the egg would be cracked onto the pizza and cooked at the same time, but I didn’t chance this and cheated by cooking it separately.

The it’s a 'wrap' pizza was delicious, such a crispy bottom!

This pizza was a Florentine, as I hope to visit Florence, but the same method can be used for whichever you fancy, pepperoni, margarita, meat feast, veggie or even ham and pineapple!

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If pizza is not your thing, then of course Italy offers other culinary delights, pasta of course is one of the staples, but depending on the region you will find other things on the menu.

In Tuscany for example one of the main ingredients used in dishes are beans.

A Tuscan bean soup that is very popular is called Ribolitta and not only does it feature beans but also stale bread!

When I was on holiday last year in the Dolomites, which are in the very north of the country we saw acres and acres of apple orchards, so naturally apple was a key player in all the local bakeries, and a delicious apple cake was on offer for breakfast each morning in our hotel, and it was scrumptious, cake for breakfast!