Pancake day: How to make dog-friendly pancakes

Google searches for ‘Dog-friendly pancakes’ have skyrocketed by 363% over the past couple of days.
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So with people wanting to include their pups in pancake day, Magnet have shared the top tips on how to prepare your kitchen for the pancake feast and feed all the family - including your dog.

How to make dog-friendly pancakes

This year, get your pooch involved in the pancake day feast with either of these simple recipes.

Pancake Day for dogs: Here's how to make the best dog-friendly pancakes. (Photo: Magnet)Pancake Day for dogs: Here's how to make the best dog-friendly pancakes. (Photo: Magnet)
Pancake Day for dogs: Here's how to make the best dog-friendly pancakes. (Photo: Magnet)

Three ingredient pancakes:

50g plain flour

One egg

100 ml water

Banana pancake ingredients:

one banana

60g plain flour

one egg

60 ml unsweetened oat milk


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Whisk/mash all the ingredients in a bowl (or you can use a blender).

Warm up your frying pan on a medium-high heat setting.

Ladle four tablespoons worth of the smooth mixture into a circle in the centre of the frying pan.

Cook until bubbles start to form on the batter (30 seconds to one minute on each side).

Flip your dog’s pancake and cook the other side until it is done!

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Optional: Once cool, you can add dog-friendly toppings to the pancake such as xylitol-free peanut butter, bananas, or blueberries.

Are pancakes safe for dogs?

The Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home state that pancakes are safe for dogs unless they have wheat allergies or certain sensitivities - which could lead to an upset stomach.

Pancakes should ONLY be served as a treat in small amounts as they are high in both carbohydrates and fat! If you do cook your dog pancakes this year, remember to adjust the amount of regular dog food you feed them.

Four expert tips to prepare your kitchen for pancake day

Now you know how to cook your dog’s pancakes, Hayley Simmons, Director of Commercial Range at Magnet has shared her top tips for your kitchen ahead of the big day.

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Check you have all of your ingredients and toppings ahead of the day – ‘’There is nothing worse than a last-minute run to the supermarket on pancake day because you’ve run out of eggs, or found out your milk is out of date.

Check the day before that you have all the ingredients and toppings you need for you and your dog. This will help to make the day go smoothly and to avoid any letdowns!’’

Declutter your worktops before you begin cooking – ‘’Clearing away any unnecessary items from your worktops will help maximise the surface you and your family have to cook up a storm. Start by putting away any unwanted items taking up space and wipe down your worktops in preparation.’’

Make sure your kitchen’s extraction is working properly – ‘’Pancake day is likely to cause some grease and steam in your kitchen, and potentially smoke if it goes wrong. Check your kitchen has enough ventilation and that your extractor hood and smoke alarm are working correctly. Never leave your cooking unattended and keep children (and pets) away from the hob!’’

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Be less wasteful - freeze your leftovers – ‘’In the unlikely event that you end up with leftover batter, do not throw it away!

Pancakes can be frozen and enjoyed up to 1-2 months after the big day. Cook any remaining mixture and when cooled, freeze the pancakes separately in between parchment/baking paper. You can reheat the pancakes in the microwave or quickly in the oven!’’

To find out more information about Magnet, visit their website here.

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