Ranked: Wakefield named one of the top 10 cities with the most dog-friendly businesses in 2022

With 3.2 million households welcoming a dog to their family since the start of the pandemic, businesses have picked up on the need to accommodate our furry friends as searches for ‘dog friendly businesses near me’ increased by 350% over the last year.

By Leanne Clarke
Monday, 16th May 2022, 11:04 am

With this in mind, Dojo set out to discover where in the UK has the most dog- friendly businesses in 2022 - and Wakefield is ranked in the top 10.

The study analysed over 52,600 TripAdvisor listings for dog-friendly and non dog-friendly hospitality businesses to officially crown the best city for those who woof taking their dog out and how letting dogs in impacts businesses ratings!

Dojo scored 20 of the UK’s most populated cities out of 100 based on the percentage of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs which were keen to welcome you and your furry sidekick.

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Wakefield comes in at 8th on the index with a score of 56 out of 100 for dog friendly businesses.

Brighton and Hove come out at the top as the most dog friendly city in the UK scoring 89 out of 100 on the index. Edinburgh is the second most dog friendly city and Sheffield came third.

Wakefield comes in at 8th on the index with a score of 56 out of 100 for dog friendly businesses.

But the district has the highest percentage of pubs and bars that are dog-friendly at 12.5%. There are 2.4% of restaurants that are dog friendly and 14.3% of hotels.

So, does allowing dogs in restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels mean you are likely to receive a better review?

The short answer is yes. Embracing the extra family member that 3.2million households have gained is a sure way to ensure your business is going to receive a great review.

Every industry surveyed scored higher when they allowed dogs, with scores being 9.97% more likely to be excellent.

The average dog-friendly restaurant receives 8.7% more 5 star reviews compared to those who aren't.

While, there is a huge 23.6% difference between 5 star reviews when allowing pups into the cafe! Across all four categories, being dog-friendly could mean your business is more likely to receive a 5 star review by 10%!