Help wanted to keep Ossett clean

Elsie, aged 7, proud of her accomplishment
Elsie, aged 7, proud of her accomplishment

A seven year old girl is urging her community to help keep her town clean.

Elsie Bennett, aged 7 cleaned Ossett Skatepark while out on a family walk.

Dad Dave Bennett, had taken Elsie and her older brother Harry for a walk and they visited the skatepark.

But piles of rubbish restricted where Elsie and her brother could ride their scooters and bikes.

Elsie decided to take action, found a bag amongst the litter, and began to clean away all the junk before putting it in a bin.

She said: “I got my fingers dirty and I cleaned what I could fit in the bag, if I can do it teenagers can do it."

Broken glass, wrappers and cans were all included in the large amount of rubbish which was cleared up

Proud dad Mr Bennett said: “Given that Elsie chose to do it and that we were just out on a family walk it made me proud.

The family is asking the community to help keep Ossett clean and to dispose of litter

Mr Bennett said: “It’s not too much to ask for everyone to be responsible in keeping Ossett tidy."