Puppies pay a visit to Santa in Featherstone for special Christmas treat

Three rescue puppies visited Santa at Nottcutts Victoria garden centre for being 'good dogs'.

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 3:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 3:53 pm
Colleagues at Notcutts Victoria invited rescue dogs from RSCPA Leeds & Wakefield District branch to experience their Santa Paws dog grotto

The 10-week old Dachshund pups Salami, Chipolata and Chorizo, who have recently been taken into care by the RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch, visited the garden centre this morning, at the 'Santa Paws' grotto.

As well their visit to the grotto, the three pups were also given special Christmas treats and plenty of cuddles from Santa, for being ‘good dogs’.

Sally Balmforth, Head of Fundraising and Communications at the RSPCA Leeds & Wakefield District Branch, said: “The puppies were from a puppy farm, it was a very large case with over 100 dogs involved. We got three of them, and the others will be at different branches around the country.

Rescue Daschund puppy Salami meets Santa for the first time at Notcutts Victoria garden centre.

“They are all doing fantastic. So friendly, playful and full of energy! They have been out in foster over the last week or so and are all doing extremely well.

“We’ve closed the applications to adopt them now as we received over 1000. They went viral! But they will find a nice lovely new home in the next couple of weeks.

“We’d like to thank Notcutts Victoria for supporting the charity and kindly inviting us to bring some rescue dogs to meet Santa - the puppies were spoilt rotten on their first Christmas!”

The RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch are a local, self funded charity, separate from the national branch.

Notcutts Victoria gave a £100 donation to the local charity, to help continue its work, caring for abused or neglected animals in the district.

James Wrycraft, General Manager at Notcutts Victoria, said: “Christmas is all about kindness and festive cheer and we were delighted to treat Salami, Chipolata and Chorizo to this special experience.

“A lot of dogs will not be lucky enough to have a forever home this Christmas, so we were very pleased to give him some well-deserved festive fuss and attention.”

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