How to transform your kitchen cheaply

A stunning kitchen can transform your home
A stunning kitchen can transform your home
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Kitchen looking a bit dated? Sick of seventies avocado-green cupboards, itching for something a little more fresh? Gone are the days when you have to consider getting a full refit just to revamp your kitchen.

For many people getting a full kitchen refit just isn’t practical. For some, they simply want to upgrade whilst selling their home. For others, keeping up with interior design trends is important – but they don’t want to empty their wallets while doing so.

But it’s not just the financial implications of a full refit that puts people off. Disrupting family life and taking up valuable home-time can often make it seem an impossible task.

According to Darrell Smith, franchise owner of Granite Transformations, Wakefield, a simple kitchen makeover could drastically change any home.

For Darrell and his team, it’s a matter of making the most of what you already had. Here are his expert tips for transforming your kitchen with minimal faff:

1. Upgrade the Doors

One of the simplest and most effective ways to transform your kitchen is by replacing the doors on the units.

Some people opt to paint cupboard doors but this can cheapen the look of the overall kitchen and doesn’t always have the same high quality finish as replacing them altogether.

Instead, replacement doors can turn your kitchen from Country Farmhouse to Sleek High Gloss in a matter of hours.

2. Change the worktop

“Replacement worktops are one of our most popular products,” said Darrell.

By placing a new worktop on top of the existing one, you can instantly cover up wear and tear – a million knife cuts or food stains.

“New worktops are usually made of far more durable material than the ones used in older kitchens,” Darrell advised.

Granite, quartz or recycled glass work surfaces are now retooled to include high grade polyester resin, ensuring they are both light and slim yet with the strength of natural or engineered stone.

At Granite Transformations, worktops are spill and scratch free, meaning that a kitchen will look new and fresh longer. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

3. Update the floor

Floors are usually the most worn fixture in a kitchen: shoe scuffs, dents from dropped utensils, grease stains, grime. Replacing a tired kitchen floor can make a room seem brighter, bigger, and lift the overall look of the room.

Opt for a hard floor option that will weather a lot of foot-traffic and grubbiness over time, yet still mop clean.

4. Finishing touches

Glass mosaics can complement any kitchen. Whether you want to cover a section of wall, or just create a stylish splashback, custom glass mosaics can be paired with your new stunning work surfaces to ‘zhuzh’ up your kitchen and give it a modern edge.

5. And if all that is still not enough?

Sometimes it’s the way a kitchen has been laid out that needs a more modern touch. Perhaps you need more room for a family size fridge, or would love to create a more functional space. A complete redesign can improve the layout and functionality of a kitchen to fit your needs. Experts at Granite Transformations can alter the layout of your space to meet your personal needs. A full redesign will take a little time and come with some disruption, but the end result is a sparkling new room.

Granite Transformations, Wakefield, offer a tailored and bespoke kitchen refurbishment service that is fast, high quality, and affordable. Most transformations can be completed over just 1 to 2 days, and you can view their customer satisfaction feedback on Check-A-Trade

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