Karen Wright: A new radio career sounds like a great idea!

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Well what a week that was! My feet didn’t know if they were on this earth or Fullers. What is Fullers earth anyway? Something to do with gardening?

On Thursday I popped along to the Community Centre on Balne Lane again. When my Uncle Graham went there in spring to present a film show they asked me if I would come and do my Bake-Off talk.

I already knew that lots of the members were not up to speed with what exactly the Great British Bake Off was, so I adjusted my content to travel down a slightly different route referencing the old baking skills and recipes that were familiar to us all.

It was a smashing morning, I stayed for the bingo and a cuppa and I took my Mam, I am encouraging her to start going each Thursday.

I am starting to really enjoy public speaking and I do get plenty of compliments. Apparently, I am both funny and motivational, so I am available to take bookings now that I am up and running.

The next thing I did was really a great thrill to me. I was asked a few weeks ago if I would be interested in becoming a radio presenter on the Five Towns community radio station.

This was a real turn up for the books, I would never have thought of myself in that light. Anyway, on Saturday I went over to the studio and met the very amazing Joanne Speight and she showed me the ropes. We did a little live chat alongside a young man called Billy Morris who at 13 is also going to be taking on a presenting role. I absolutely loved it.

I have lots of ideas for themes, I have been looking at songs with food in the titles, there are so many, American Pie, Brown Sugar, Strawberry Fields, I have a list as long as my arm. Then I thought of a week doing road trip songs with chat about picnic food for the car. You can see how excited I am to be offered this opportunity.

I am away on a caravan blogging trip/holiday next week but when I get back I am going for more training and hopefully once into August I will be going live!

On Sunday I had two engagements. The first was at Walton Primary School. They were fund raising and had a Bake-Off competition. I was asked, along with Kathleen White who has a wonderful café in Crofton called Betsys to judge the bakes. Well there were so many, and they were all fantastic.

I was relieved not to have the full responsibility of choosing the winners, it was a very close call. I also made a cake to auction. It was a new recipe that I developed using coffee, caramel and chocolate, sounds a bit like a Mars bar. I was very pleased with how it looked and will be doing that one again.

A couple that I met at one of my first engagements, Lyn and Glen Wood, invited me to their house in Crigglestone. They hold an annual Bake-Off event raising money for a Breast Cancer Care. It was another lovely afternoon. We sat chatting to their friends in the garden and had more cake. I was honoured to be asked to draw the raffle prizes, see more new friends!

So, there we are, another week spent enjoying all things local. This week as I said we are heading off down to Blenheim Palace testing out a new caravan for Baileys of Bristol and on Saturday I am appearing at Tatton Park Foodies Festival.

So, watch this space next week to hear how we got on.