11 'eyesore' Wakefield buildings and what you would change them to

When it comes to airing views on the city’s built environment, Wakefield people are far from reserved.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 3:24 pm
When it comes to airing views on the city’s built environment, Wakefield people are far from reserved.

There are many buildings within the city boundary that divide opinion. We put a shout out online asking you to tell us which of the city's buildings you think are eyesores and that you would change them to. And you really didn’t hold back!

The building has been described as 'ugly' and 'like a prison'. One reader said: "At least give it a lick of paint."
There were many suggestions for the 'tired' looking Ridings, including a restructure to make it into an Xscape type facility. One reader said: " Somewhere young people and families can go have a good time. It would allow more jobs for young people and would benefit Wakefield financially."
Upgrading the shops around the Bull Ring was also suggested. "Install old fashioned building fronts, every building is different. The most modern look out of place and plain stupid."
The old ABC cinema is a building many of you want to see renovated. Ideas for a replacement include a bowling alley, ice skating rink and a big family entertainment venue for families.
Newcold, described as 'that big freezer near the M62.' One readder said it's "the worst blot on the landscape I've ever seen. I wouldn't want it replacing with anything. Just get rid of it."
Calls to get rid of the fountain in the Bull Ring and bring back the Queen Victoria statue were made. "Bring back flowers and the Queen Victoria statue, make it a nice colourful place to sit and chill, instead of everything being grey," one reader suggested.
A reader said: "The designers got it so wrong. Firstly a shopping centre should be indoors, a canopy doesn’t count as indoors! Terrible utilisation of space."
Sheila Judge said: "The market hall - put a proper market there like it used to be."
Hazel Eleysaid "I think the empty British Home Stores would have made a great indoor market with cafes and stalls upstairs and down."
Another suggestion was that Debenhams would make a great indoor market.
The Sun Lane leisure centre was also said to be an 'eyesore'.