Sean Bean and Dynamo Yorkshire Tea adverts receive 'thousands of lovely comments'

Yorkshire Tea has received "thousands of lovely comments" about its comical television adverts featuring Sean Bean and Dynamo.

By John Blow
Monday, 8th July 2019, 6:00 pm
Sean Bean appearing in the Yorkshire Tea advert. Credit: Taylors of Harrogate.
Sean Bean appearing in the Yorkshire Tea advert. Credit: Taylors of Harrogate.

The Sheffield-born Game of Thrones star and Bradford magician have been appearing in the brand's commercials for a week.Ben Newbury, marketing lead at Yorkshire Tea, said: “The response to our new TV adverts has been properly positive, we’ve had thousands of lovely comments from people saying how much they’re enjoying them.

“Sean Bean and Dynamo were an obvious fit to join the team at Yorkshire Tea and we’re happy that their arrival has been so well received.

"Lots of people have told us how much the ads have made them smile and how chuffed they are to have these two famous Yorkshiremen back on their screens.

“Sean Bean and Dynamo are both experts in their crafts which is why we recruited them to help showcase and celebrate our ethos of ‘doing things properly’."

The pair star in the latest installment of scenarios based at Taylors of Harrogate's headquarters, with the slogan "where everything's done proper".

Interactive - Tree-planting by Yorkshire Tea is bringing hope to Kenyan farming communities in the grip of climate changeIn one advert, filmed on location in Knaresborough, Bean carries out a staff induction with inspiration drawn from some of his most famous roles.

The actor bellows at staff to "go out there and do it for each other", while pointing a presentation stick like a sword.

He then takes a sip of his tea, adding: "Oh, and the fire drill's Thursday at three."

In the second commercial, Dynamo exhibits levitation skills to help out a colleague in the warehouse.

Also in the Sean Bean advert was Wakefield comedian and actor Neil Hurst, known to audiences in Halifax for his appearances in pantomimes over ten years.

Speaking about filming, he said: "It was great working with Sean, obviously.

"When filming they always refer to you by your surname. Obviously it was Mr Bean, that made me chuckle.

"It was great to be working with a proper movie star, it was brilliant."

-> How Sean Bean restored my faithFather-of-two Mr Hurst, 37, said that he and the Sharpe actor and one-time Bond villain (Goldeneye, 1995) tried out different endings to the advert before settling on the final version.

Only a few of those in the scenes are actors, he said, with regular Yorkshire Tea workers acting making up the rest of the cast.

Mr Hurst added: "They had Dynamo the following day and they had the Brownlee brothers [before that].

"I think they took it in their stride - another day, another megastar."

Previous adverts by the company have included Barnsley-born Michael Parkinson and Leeds's Kaiser Chiefs.