VIDEO: Reliving memories of J.A.T Records in Wakefield

Music fans of a certain age will surely relate to this video and pictures taken in the 1980s.

They show J.A.T Records, which was based on The Bull Ring between February 1980 until February 1992.

It sold the latest music singles and albums, long before the introduction of CDs and online downloads.

The shop started life on the left hand side of shoe shop Hiltons, which is now One World Travel Group.

It was also close to bookmakers William Hill, which remains. That former record shop is now Gifts and Toys.

J.A.T Records then moved two buildings along to occupy the other side of Hiltons, which is now a Polish food shop. It was beside Green’s, which is now delicatessen Deli Central.

These pictures and video have been shared with the Express by Rob Jaques.

He currently runs a facebook page called Wakefield - now & then, which has more than 2,300 likes from people interested in nostalgia.

Over the past year he has collected pictures from across the city and recently met with J.A.T Records owner John Alan Tilburn, who filmed the video in around 1987.

Mr Jaques, 39, recalls: “This shop opened its doors in February 1980 and sadly closed in February 1992.

“The business was started mainly for supply of juke boxes and other leisure gaming machines to pubs and the like.

“The jukeboxes needed records so a surplus formed, hence the record shop was born. It also bought in records off the back of that to meet demand by the public for the latest number ones coming out at the time.

“The owner was John Alan Tilburn. It had an arcade in the back where many a kid of the time, including myself, spent many hours playing the games they had.”

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