£10K of grants for community Cash Giveaway

Insp Richard Sullivan and Shona Walsh for this year's Cash Giveaway
Insp Richard Sullivan and Shona Walsh for this year's Cash Giveaway
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The Express has £10,000 to help struggling community groups across the district in the second annual Cash Giveaway.

West Yorkshire Police has donated money seized from criminals to our fund which is being supported by the Community Foundation for Wakefield District.

Last year more than £12,000 was given to 13 different organisations, sports teams and community groups in the first ever Cash Giveaway.

Charity GASPED - Greater Awareness and Support for Parents Encountering Drugs - was given £1,800.

Manager Stan Foster said: “Charities are like pubs at the moment - one closes down a day because of the constraints on funding.

“This money has helped us to secure the sustainability and future of the charity and carry on our work. And it is important because in some cases GASPED are the only charity doing these things in the country.

“We’re very grateful to the Cash Giveaway.”

Eastmoor Community Gardens were able to build a new sensory garden and a outdoor oven with the help of a £1,100 grant.

The Little Beck Trust, a floating arts and crafts centre at Stanley Ferry, was given £1,000 to help buy solar panels.

And Horbury and Sitlington Senior Citizens Action Group were given £846 to help more older people in their community.

Insp Richard Sullivan said: “This is an excellent opportunity for community groups across the districts to apply for funding to assist them in their respective projects.

“All the money that the police have donated to this project have been recovered from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

“It also reminds people that crime does not pay and reinforces the message that we will continue to target the assets of criminals who commit crime to fund a lifestyle that would ordinarily be beyond their means.”

The Community Foundation has also launched its endowment appeal. It wants businesses and individuals to add to the funding available for the community.

Shona Walsh, chief executive of the Community Foundation for Wakefield District, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership again with the Wakefield Express.

“Together we aim to create a much needed new pot of funding to help community groups throughout our district who are in desperate need. I do hope businesses, individuals and organisations will be able to support the Cash Giveaway this year.”

To apply for a grant or donate funds contact The Community Foundation for Wakefield District on 01924 239 181 or swalsh@communityfoundationwakefield.co.uk